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My Photos

This is a small collection of my photos. Click the center of a picture to go to the BIG picture gallery ;)
I'm planning to post more photos here in the future, but it will have to wait a little bit. Life is all about priorities, even if you love doing all kinds of stuff simultaneously ;)

My Equipment

I love taking photos with my Olympus OMD-EM5. It's the best camera I've ever had. It's a compact yet advanced micro 4/3 system with the fastest autofocus I've ever seen. It's even weatherproof, so I don't have to be afraid of a little rain. And it's got a very nice retro design too. Because of it's small size, I don't mind taking it with me wherever I go. If your big SLR camera tends to be left back home because of it's size when you're having an evening stroll etc., you should definitely check out the OMD-EM5. By the way, some of my photos may be shot with other cameras I had before I bought the Olympus.