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Web Design

I have been designing web pages for 15 years, but started coding HTML/CSS in 2005 when I studied IT at University of Agder in Norway. That's also when my interest in developing good UX design began. One of my favourite subjects was about designing GUI focusing on usability. I believe that good web design always is about finding the best way to present information and enhance the important parts. The navigation should also be intuitive, and the users should never have to perform a lot of unnecessary mouse clicks and scrolling to find what they are looking for. But of course, it doesn't hurt if the design also is good looking ;)

Graphic Design

I have also done a few design jobs for restaurants. I create logos, menus, flyers, posters, adverts etc. I have my own sole proprietorship called Sollie kenoot graphics. Initially I planned to turn it into a full time job, but so far it's been more like a hobby project on the side, just to cover my needs for creative development ;)


This is a screenshot of a web page I made for a local Asian restaurant, "Happy House - Grill & Kinamat". You can visit their web site here:
This is another screenshot from the same web site.
(Click and hold on a pic to
see a bigger version)
This is the logo I created for the same restaurant. I was inspired by the name of the restaurant, "Happy House...". "Why not just make a smiling house?" ;)